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Bullet journal – dotted notebooks for every usage

In the dotted notebook, there are no squares or lines but just dots. In the Bullet Journal you can great your systems, make graphs and drawings. You can use it for writing essays, solve equations, draw or plan your life.

Discover the beauty of bullet journals

bullet journal from SEIK

Special bullet journal - finding the right one can be quite a challenge. Luckily it is possible to order from seik.eu webshop the complex and stilish bullet journal. We want to inspire with our products to have more adventures and be happier - you will be inspired by bullet journal.
  • All bullet journal are designed by young SEIK designers
  • Choose your favorite bullet journal here.
  • Delivery to parcel station or mailbox  - bullet journal will be delivered within few days
  • We wish that bullet journal changes your day better and are looking for feedback and images, how bullet journal has achieved it.
  • Don't forget to tag images with @minuseik ja #bullet journal.

Which bullet journal to choose?

  1. Think, which bullet journal will suite for you the best.
  2. Inspire and surprise yourself or loved ones with bullet journal.
  3. Check, what SEIK friends have shared about that product.
  4. Wait for bullet journal to be delivered by currier or to the nearest pickup point.
  5. Make photos and share with us aswell @seik #bullet journal.
Unsere Mission ist es, die Welt besser zu machen! In unseren Kalendern findest du jeden Tag eine Aufgabe, die dich glücklicher macht.
Der E-Shop von seik-verlag.de wird verwaltet von: Seik OÜ Registercode: 12921231 Parda 3/5/7, 10151 Tallinn Estland Kontakt in Deutschland: Theresenstraße 15, 28203 Bremen [email protected]

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